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Menthol CBD Vape E-Liquid

Menthol CBD Vape E-Liquid


Product Description

Refreshing Mondo Menthol CBD Vape E-Liquid. Crafted using only the finest ingredients and Broad Spectrum CBD. With 450mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, the high strength 4.5% CBD concentration will easily cover all your CBD vaping needs. Each bottle of premium CBD Vape E Liquid contains 450mg of Broad Spectrum CBD distillate. Our CBD Vape range contains a broad spectrum of Cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes so you can fully benefit from the Entourage Effect.  Vaping is the quickest delivery method for CBD into your body, as it enters your bloodstream almost immediately. Choose from a range of premium flavours, from a traditional Peppermint to the more flavourful Bubblegum. Free standard shipping on all orders.

PG 60%, VG 40%, Flavouring, Broad Spectrum CBD 450mg.

Although a World Health Organisation report concluded CBD was safe, you should avoid CBD if you are taking any of these medicines; Bupropion, Efavirenz, Diflunisal, Propofol, Fenofibrate, Gemfibrozil, Lamotrigine, Morphine, Lorazepam, Phenytoin or any SSRI.

If you want to complement your CBD Vape Juice with another product we recommend our water soluble CBD capsules. Studies have shown water soluble CBD to be between 131% and 300% more effective than oil based products.


High strength, 4.5% CBD. Our Vape Juice is a potent 4.5% Broad Spectrum CBD. Made using premium food grade ingredients and GMP certified organic CBD.

Supercritical Co2 Extraction. Our CBD is extracted using a patent pending process, with no catalyst. Using no cheap ethanol or other solvents. This results in a cleaner, purer product with no contaminates.

Free standard shipping. Orders received by 3pm are shipped same day. Free standard shipping (Royal Mail 1st Class) on all orders.

Can trace the CBD from seed to shelf. Southern Colorado to your front door. We can trace our products at every stage of the process. We use only the finest organic hemp and premium food grade ingredients to craft Mondo CBD Vape Liquid.

3rd party lab reports, including microbial testing. We have 3rd party lab reports for all our products. Unlike other companies, we don’t just supply cheap CBD content reports. We test for solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminates.