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Showing all 9 products

Mondo Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Juice delivers 450mg of the finest CBD distillate in every bottle. Our Vape Juice contains all the valuable Cannabinoids and naturally occurring Terpenes, so you can leverage the full benefit of the Entourage Effect. At 4.5% CBD concentration, our liquids are some of the most potent CBD E liquids available to buy in the UK.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

Vaping is the quickest means of delivering CBD to your bloodstream. No other method comes close, the CBD will enter your bloodstream almost immediately. You can use your Vape Liquid as much or as little you need. You are in complete control over your CBD intake. Some people choose to supplement other CBD products with CBD Vape juice. They may take a water soluble CBD capsule once per day. Then, if they feel they need a top up, they can pick up and put down their vaping device as they wish.

Research has shown CBD to have a wide range of health benefits. It has shown promise in treating anxiety, pain and insomnia.

Why Choose Mondo CBD Vape E Liquid?

Mondo CBD is a new and exciting brand offering high end CBD products to the UK market. Our quality control measures ensure that our CBD preparations are some of the best in the UK. We use food grade ingredients and a custom lab-developed technique to ensure that the CBD is evenly distributed and consistently present at 450mg per 10ml. Our vape juice is carefully formulated using only the finest ingredients. Reassuringly, all our 3rd party lab reports are available. Choose from a range of premium flavours. From a traditional Peppermint to the more flavourful Bubblegum, we can cater for most taste buds. We have a flavour for everyone and there’s fast free shipping on all orders.

Our vape liquids use the most exceptional CBD extract, period. Premium product at an affordable price. Our website is open 24 hours a day, allowing customers to order at any time.

Where does our CBD come from?

Each bottle of premium Mondo CBD E Liquid contains 450mg of Broad Spectrum CBD distillate. All our CBD is fully GMP certified and is extracted from industrial hemp in Colorado, USA by one of the largest hemp biomass farmers in the world. Our products offer full traceability from seed to shelf. First from the Colorado farm land where it’s grown, to the 125,000 sq ft facility where it’s processed in an ISO 9001:2015 laboratory, so we can follow its journey all the way to the premium CBD Vape Juice that’s finally delivered to your door.

Premium CBD Vape Juice from Mondo

Some CBD products have been shown to include no CBD at all! And many are mislabelled. Our lab reports show the CBD (and other cannabinoids) content of all our vape liquids. To be honest, just by tasting our vape products you won’t really need the reassurance of a 3rd party lab report. Our liquids are so potent you can’t mistake the taste of Broad Spectrum CBD in every bottle. Made using only the best CBD extract, direct from one of the worlds largest producers.

All our vape juice is fully compliant with all UK regulations. And manufactured under the strictest conditions in a state of the art clean room, using only food grade ingredients.

Mondo CBD Vape Juice – Get 3 for the price of 2

Our range of CBD Vape Juice is always available on our ‘3 for 2’ offer. Simply add three products to your basket and the discount will automatically be added at checkout. You will receive the lowest value item for free. This offer extends to all products in our shop. And all orders are shipped to your front door free of charge.

What type of vaporizer do I need to vape Mondo CBD Vape E Liquids?

Our vape juice is compatible with most commercial vaping devices, as long as the device is refillable. Simply fill your vape stick and sit back and relax. If you use a DTL (direct to lung) device, it may be a bit harsh! Due to the strength of our liquids we need to use a high PG content. CBD does not dissolve into VG. This can be a bit sharp to your throat and chest when using a high powered vaporizer.

CBD Vaping FAQ

We have an article covering vaping CBD in more detail. It’s really all you need to know, including answers to the most frequent CBD vaping questions we are asked.