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Vaping CBD – All you need to Know

Vaping CBD is a popular method of people using Cannabidiol. The CBD is dissolved into a mix of PG and VG. Flavourings are added, usually these are the food grade flavours used in nicotine based e-liquids. Some producers use terpenes and flavonoids found in the hemp plant to add a natural flavour to the product. These can be an acquired taste, and they are the less popular option.

How will CBD E Liquid make me feel?

There is no need to worry about CBD E Liquid products getting you ‘high’. CBD is non intoxicating, unlike its infamous counterpart THC. All legal CBD Vape liquids will contain less than 0.2% THC. At this level, you will not notice any effects of THC. If you are worried about THC showing up on a drug test, or have had a bad experience with THC, you should opt for Broad Spectrum CBD. This form of CBD extract has virtually untraceable levels of THC, far less than the 0.2% legal maximum.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Vape products contain the valuable Cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes that allow you to fully benefit from the Entourage Effect.

Why do people take CBD?

People vape CBD for a variety of reasons. Studies have shown CBD to have a number of therapeutic benefits. The main benefits indicated by these include;

    • CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety.
      Interestingly, countless studies have shown CBD to be effective at reducing anxiety. For example, this 2010 study used brain imaging to show CBD reduces activity in the amygdala. This being the part of the brain activates the fight or flight response. Those with anxiety disorders generally have an over active amygdala, which results in a bias towards threat related responses. Subsequently, this 2011 study found that CBD significantly reduced the symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder.
    • CBD has pain relief properties.
      In 2015 a review of previous studies found that 13 previous studies had all found that CBD can offer pain relief. In fact, it was effective even where other treatments have failed.
    • CBD has sleep regulating properties.
      In this 2013 animal study CBD was shown to have a significant impact on both the length and quality of sleep. Additionally, a long term human study, published in 2019 found that of the 72 subjects, 80% of them had a reduced anxiety score throughout the trial. Moreover, nearly 70% also achieved a higher sleep score. A further 2020 study, concluded that ‘It is becoming increasingly evident that endocannabinoids play a prominent role in sleep and sleep neurophysiology, and cannabinoid drugs alter these processes‘.
    • CBD has anti-depressant and mood regulating properties.
      A 2010 animal study found that CBD induced anti-depressant effects comparable to imipramine.

Scientific studies have identified many more potential benefits of using CBD, we go over these in more detail on our CBD Knowledge page, so be sure to check it out.



What device do I need to vape CBD E Liquid?

Nearly all CBD Vape E liquid is compatible with most mouth to lung (MTL) vaping devices, as long as the pods are refillable. These are the standard vape pens. Direct to lung (DTL) vape devices are generally more big, bulky and specialist units. They have bigger batteries (delivering more power) and bigger coils. They are also known as sub-ohm devices. Using an MTL device you first draw the vapour into your mouth, then inhale it into your lungs. Using a DTL device, you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs. You need CBD vape juice that is specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping to use a DTL device.

Does vaping CBD work?

This is still the subject of clinical studies. There are many studies that show the potential health benefits of using CBD. The answer depends on what you are trying to achieve by vaping CBD. Vaping CBD is the fastest delivery method of all CBD products, it enters your bloodstream almost immediately. Many people suffering from acute anxiety describe using CBD vape in combination with other CBD products. When they feel like they are about to have a panic attack, they use the vape for immediate delivery of CBD.

What is CBD vape juice?

CBD Vape juice, E-liquid, vape oil, vape liquid; call it what you like it’s just different names for the same thing. However, not all equal; there are varying strengths, concentrations, flavours and types of CBD extract. Some liquids use CBD isolate, whereas other liquids contain Broad or Full Spectrum CBD, allowing you to benefit from the Entourage Effect. In addition, some vape liquids use MCT as the base (some health concerns around vaping MCT). E-Liquids that are Tobacco Product Directive approved for sale in the UK, contain a PG and VG base, which is safer to vape.

Can vaping CBD make you tired? Or any other side effects?

There are no known serious side effects to any CBD products, including vape liquid. Whilst CBD has been shown to relax the body, such as stopping/reducing seizures, only in very rare cases have users reported feeling tired or drowsy. According to the World Health Organisation, it is not possible to develop a tolerance or dependence. Also, you cannot overdose, although the FSA state that daily dose should be limited to 70mg.

How much CBD should I vape?

This will vary from person to person. The daily consumption limit according to the FSA is 70mg, so you should try to stay within that limit. A few puffs of a high strength (4-5%) liquid should provide an indication of how much you personally will need to vape. The main advantage of vape juice over other CBD products is that you can use it as required. The effects are virtually instantaneous and don’t last too long, so you can pick it up or put it down when necessary. CBD E Liquid is a great way to complement other products, like water soluble CBD capsules.

When should I vape CBD?

This will depend on why you are taking it. For example, if you are taking CBD because studies have shown it can help you sleep, it’s best to take it at night before bed. The great thing about vaping CBD is that the dose is very small in one inhalation. So, you can take control your intake over the course of a day. As with most things CBD some trial and error is recommended to find out what works for you. The most important thing is selecting the right quality product from a responsible seller. The seller should be able to produce multiple certifications proving the source, the quality and concentrations of their CBD products.