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What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water Soluble CBD is a big advancement on existing CBD products. Developed to solve the biggest problem in the CBD industry – the low solubility of CBD Oil. By making the CBD particles smaller, they become easier to digest. Studies have shown that you can increase the bioavailability of CBD by between 131% and 300% this way. Bioavailability measures your body’s ability to absorb a substance into your blood stream. Only this amount has an active effect.

Studies have shown CBD taken orally to have a bioavailability of as little as 6%, meaning that up to 94% is wasted as our bodies simply cannot break down and absorb it. CBD Oil taken using a dropper under the tongue can increase this number, but still is as low as 13-19%.

CBD oil naturally repels water, like any oil. On the other hand, our bodies are mostly water. Therefore, we have a very hard time absorbing the CBD and waste most of the potential therapeutic benefits. Water soluble products do not have this problem. They are completely compatible with our bodies. Above all, it allows for maximum absorption and greater effectiveness.

A 2019 animal study showed water soluble CBD to be 94% bioavailable. Two studies using human subjects found a substantial increase on bioavailability in comparison to CBD absorbed through the mouth. The first, in 2017, found water soluble CBD to have a stunning four fold increase! The second, in 2018, found water soluble CBD to be an eye watering 131% more bioavailable than CBD oil tinctures. Three independent studies, with three different types of water soluble CBD each found it to be much more effective.

Studies have shown CBD taken orally to have a bioavailability of as little as 6%, meaning that up to 94% is wasted as our bodies simply cannot break down and absorb it. CBD Oil taken using a dropper under the tongue can increase this number, but still is as low as 13-19%.

How does Nano Technology work?

The principle behind Water Soluble CBD is simple. Firstly, CBD molecules are reduced in size to increase the surface area. As a result, chemical reactions are stronger. So, when it passes through our digestive system the chemical processes are more efficient at breaking the CBD down. Consequently, our body can absorb much more of the CBD into our bloodstream. As a result, you receive a more bioavailable product which is over 3 times faster acting.

This process uses Nano Technology developed in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal is to increase the absorption of poorly soluble compounds. But, also to increase the speed of delivery into your blood stream. For a detailed explanation, we recommend reading this study. Furthermore, this 2018 study noted ‘The highly hydrophobic nature of cannabinoids means that they are suitable candidates for advanced nanosized drug delivery systems’ and ‘Nanotechnology-based drug delivery strategies have flourished recent year’s’. The result of combining the latest in pharmaceutical technology with CBD extracts is the next generation of CBD products – Water Soluble CBD capsules.

Water Soluble CBD vs CDB Oil

In the UK, CBD Oil is currently the most popular CBD product. Many people use it to treat a wide range of health problems. Studies have shown it to be beneficial for a range of ailments such as; anxiety, insomnia, pain management, epilepsy. However, CBD oil is far from a perfect product. There is plenty of room for improvement. In fact, the problems with taking CBD oil are extensive.

  • Only between 13-19% bioavailable
  • Hard to get an accurate dose with the dropper
  • Have to place the dose in the correct area to achieve maximum absorption. Its very easy to waste an expensive product
  • To achieve the best possible levels of absorption you need to hold the oil under your tongue for up to 3 minutes. Not only is this inconvenient, it also can seem like an eternity with the bitter foul-tasting oil in your mouth.

Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD from Mondo

Water Soluble CBD offers solutions to all these problems. Moreover, an increase of between 131% and 300% in bioavailability has been proven in trials. Easier delivery methods are possible due the versatility of water soluble compounds. Our CBD capsules contain a premeasured dose, based on the effective dose in clinical studies. Just take one a day, no need to mess around with foul tasting oils under your tongue for minutes. Our capsules contain broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum has nearly untraceable levels of THC. You don’t need to worry about it showing up on drug tests or getting you ‘high’.  However, you can still benefit from the Entourage Effect.

What should you look for in CBD products?

Choosing a Water Soluble CBD product, like any CBD product, can be overwhelming. It is wise to be cautious! Some sellers make wild claims about the effectiveness of their products on various ailments. Whilst others use affiliate marketing schemes to ‘review’ their products where in fact they pay for these adverts. Surprisingly some products have been shown to contain no CBD at all! Reassuringly, our lab reports show the CBD levels in our products reflect the advertised levels. Whether its capsules, oils or CBD vape you should always be able to see lab reports.

When looking to buy any CBD product you should;

  • Look for CBD that was extracted using CO2, not ethanol. Ethanol is the crudest method, resulting in lower quality extracts. Companies should explicitly state which method was used to create their products. If they don’t, they may not actually know. This would be a worry!
  • Companies selling CBD should be able to trace their products from seed to shelf. Additionally, all products should be labelled accurately.
  • Companies selling CBD products should be able to provide 3rd party lab tests for all products. See ours here.
  • Companies selling CBD should provide the list of medicines that aren’t compatible with CBD.

A study found CBD to inhibit the CYP34A enzyme system. This can reduce your bodies ability to metabolise SSRI’s. This could cause a build up in your system and potentially be dangerous. Grapefruit has the same effect, which is why you should avoid grapefruit juice when taking SSRI’s.
Furthermore, the fact that not many CBD websites we have seen contains this information is scary. Perhaps they are not particularly bothered about the safety of the products they are selling. Or they haven’t done enough research into them. Either way, this is alarming! You should also avoid CBD if you are pregnant. All products containing CBD are not available to under 18s. Also, FSA advises the daily limit of CBD consumption at 70mg.

Water Soluble CBD FAQ’s

How do you take water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD can come in different forms; commonly it’s liquid or powder. Liquids are easy to bottle and disperse via droppers or a spray. Most companies will tell you to place a few drops or sprays in your drink. Water soluble powder can fill capsules, or you can compress into a tablet. This method is probably superior as doses can be accurately premeasured, rather than ‘a few drop’s’. Even if it comes in tincture form it is not necessary, or beneficial, to place the drops under your tongue. You take traditional CBD tinctures this way to avoid the digestive system and increase bioavailability. However, CBD that is water soluble is compatible with our digestive system, so you can swallow it and achieve greater absorption due to the small particle size.

Where can I buy water soluble CBD?

Buying CBD that is water soluble can be tricky. Most of the large CBD retailers sell mainly traditional CBD Oil. If they introduced a water soluble range it would highlight the limitations of their core products. Also, the cost price of water soluble CBD is higher than CBD Oil. Bulk priced CBD Oil is very cheap, meaning massive profit margins for the large retailers. They have no motivation to introduce a new range of products that would reduce their profit margins. All this adds up to why water soluble CBD is a fairly well kept secret. Only those that research CBD thoroughly will become aware that water soluble is the far superior product.

Is water soluble CBD better?

In the simplest terms, yes, it is better. The latest studies show it is more effective, at least 131% more bioavailable than CBD Oil tinctures. However, in many cases water soluble CBD is much more expensive than its oil-based counterpart. When you factor this into the equation, the benefits quickly evaporate due to cost. If you find a supplier of water soluble products that also offer them at a competitive price, it would definitely be the best option.

What is the bioavailability of water soluble CBD?

Three independent studies all found that water soluble CBD increased bioavailability in comparison to CBD oil. The reason is simple. A smaller size of CBD particle makes it easier to digest. Our body is able to process the CBD more efficiently, and less is wasted. When taking traditional CBD, very little of it ends up in your blood. The studies found between a two and a half and four fold increase in bioavailability when compared to CBD absorbed through the mouth.