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The Problem with CBD Oil

CBD Oil tinctures are the most popular CBD product. CBD is suspended in a carrier oil, usually processed coconut oil. The coconut oil allows the CBD to dissolve and allows for its rather unusual way of entering the body, the membranes under your tongue. CBD Oil is oil in name and in nature – it doesn’t mix with water. Our body has great difficulty breaking down and absorbing such compounds and wastes much of it during this process. If you take traditional CBD oil in a capsule or soft gel, your body will only absorb around 6% of it, the rest is simply wasted. This is the ‘bioavailability’ of a substance (the amount your body is able to absorb). CBD oil capsules/soft gels are clearly a very inefficient delivery method.

CBD oil tinctures offer an improvement, they bypass the digestive system by dropping the oil in your mouth and holding it under your tongue. Unfortunately, you need to hold it there for a minimum of two minutes. This can increase bioavailability from 6% to around 19%. Not great, your body is still unable to absorb 81% of the CBD oil you are paying for, but better. This is just one of the many problems with CBD oil, it leaves lots of room for improvement. Luckily, this improvement has arrived.  Thanks to some very innovative people who have combined the latest pharmaceutical technology with CBD extracts to solve the fundamental problem with CBD products, the poor bioavailability. More on this later, first let’s look at the problems with CBD oil.

CBD Oil Uses a Very Basic Delivery System

Using a glass bottle to hold the CBD oil and a dropper to administer the product is extremely crude and inaccurate. Firstly, light breaks down CBD. Leaving these bottles in daylight for any significant period of time will break down the CBD molecules. In addition, for a product sold by the milligram (250mg tinctures up to 2000mg) using a device as inaccurate as a dropper is clearly unsuitable. The problem is not just measuring a dose. You need to keep the bitter tasting oil in your mouth for 2-3 minutes. Also, you must place the oil in the correct place under your tongue. There are only certain areas under the tongue and on the side of the cheek that allow for maximum absorption into the blood. If you miss these areas, which is extremely easy, you waste an expensive product. That leads to the next problem…

CBD Oil is very expensive to receive the effective dose suggested by clinical studies

The average price for 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is around £60, some company’s price their products even higher. If you take a look at our CBD Dosage page, you can see that to reach the effective dose shown in clinical trials you need to take around 100mg of CBD Oil per day. A £60 bottle is going to last you 10 days, a full month’s supply will set you back around £180! This is excessive and, with the emergence of Water Soluble CBD products, unnecessary.

Water Soluble CBD offers the solution to all these problems. An increase of up to 131% in bioavailability and easier delivery methods, such as capsules, are possible.

CBD Oil is oil in name and in nature, it doesn’t mix with water. Our body has great difficulty breaking down and absorbing such compounds and wastes much of it during this process.

Mondo Water Soluble CBD Capsules solve these problems!

Our Water Soluble CBD Capsules solve all these problems and more. There is no inaccuracy in dosing, each dose comes pre-measured inside a capsule. Mondo CBD capsules are specially formulated to provide the effective dose indicated by clinical studies. No messing around with holding foul tasting oil under your tongue for 2-3 minutes, just one simple capsule swallowed with water one a day. Our capsules come packed in black HDPE bottles that block out the light and stop the CBD breaking down.

So not only is our product more convenient and efficient, it also offers better value! Our product has been designed with the effective clinical dose in mind, and a month’s supply will cost you just £59.99, as opposed to £180 with the average CBD Oil price.