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What is the correct CBD dose?

Choosing the right CBD dose is important, or you won’t get the potential benefits. Most CBD companies don’t seem to have given this second thought. In fact, their doses make no sense at all when compared to the effective dose shown in studies. For instance, most CBD oil tinctures are 1000mg. This is designed to last a month, meaning your daily dose would be approximately 33mg. When you consider CBD oil has 19% bioavailability, this is only 6-7mg of CBD actually absorbed into your body.

We have examined a number of randomised double blind trials to formulate a product that delivers a proven effective dose. What we found was, if delivering the dose via capsule, at least 300mg of CBD is required. Or 100mg of a CBD oil tincture. In other words, the net CBD dose, the amount actually absorbed by your body, needs to be around 18mg. This is three times higher than the daily dose of a 1000mg tincture. So why exactly, do most CBD companies sell 1000mg tinctures? Where have they plucked this figure from?

What about Mondo Water Soluble CBD Capsules dose?

Our dose is based on the results of the gold standard of clinical studies, the randomised double blind trial. In these trials; there is a control group, who are given a placebo, and a group who are given the active ingredient. The groups are selected at random by a computer. Crucially, neither the participants nor the researchers know which group is which. Hence the term double blind. Without these conditions trials can be subject to bias and the results distorted. That’s not to say that other standards of trials are meaningless. In fact, they can provide very good data to draw sound conclusions. However, the most accurate results are from randomised double blind clinical trials.

The clinical trials we have based our dose on are all listed below. We found that the proven dose, in controlled conditions, is a 300mg capsule or 100mg CBD oil tinctures . The latest study, 2020, showed that water soluble CBD increased bioavailability by 131% in comparison to CBD oil. Therefore, our capsules have a bioavailability of around 44%. So, a 300mg traditional CBD capsule dose would be equal to a 40mg water soluble CBD capsule dose. That’s why our Mondo Water Soluble CBD Capsules contain 40mg of CBD. We looked at the science, studied the evidence and choose a dose that has proven to be effective. We didn’t just pluck convenient number out of thin air.  Everything we say about CBD is based on fact.


Effective CBD Dosage, what do the studies show?

A double blind study, published in 2019, gave 57 healthy male subjects either a dose of CBD, or a placebo then simulated a public speaking environment. The result: ‘Compared to placebo, pre treatment with 300 mg of CBD significantly reduced anxiety during the speech’. In this study the effective dose for relieving anxiety was a 300mg capsule. Comparable to a 100mg CBD oil tincture dose, or one Mondo CBD capsule. With the average bottle of Full Spectrum CBD oil costing around £60, taking this dose every day would cost you a staggering £180 per month! Compared to £59.99 Mondo CBD Water Soluble  capsules.

Another double blind study, published in 1993, had four groups of 10 participants who received either CBD (300 mg), diazepam (10 mg) or ipsapirone (5 mg). Again, they were subjected to a simulated public speaking test. The CBD was the most effective at reducing anxiety.

Further studies double blind trials we used to find the right dose

A 2010 double blind study used brain imaging to record the effects of a 400mg CBD capsule against a placebo. 10 participants were used in the study. The researchers concluded that ‘these results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in Social Anxiety Disorder and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas’.

This dose would be comparable to 130mg of a CBD oil tincture. To take this on a daily basis would set you back an eye watering £240 per month!

We looked at the science, studied the evidence and choose a dose that has been proven to be effective.

A 2011 double blind study with 24 participants were given either 600mg CBD capsule or placebo one and a half hours before a simulated public speaking test.  The CBD was found to ‘significantly reduce the symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder’.

If you wanted to take this effective dose daily with CBD oil tinctures you would need to consume around 200mg per day. The cost? A staggering £360 per month. In our opinion and experience this size dose is unnecessary, but if you did choose to take this dose with our capsules the cost would be £120 per month. A saving of £240 compared to CBD oil tinctures.

What have other studies shown?

A comprehensive review of studies in 2012 looked at 34 previous studies and clinical trials. The review found ‘preliminary clinical trials suggest that high-dose oral CBD (150–600 mg/d) may exert a therapeutic effect for social anxiety disorder, insomnia and epilepsy.’

Many studies we see referenced by CBD companies are actually rodent model studies, as these are much cheaper to conduct. Some point this out, others don’t. You have to wonder if they have even read and understood them. We use the best and most comprehensive studies to arrive at possibly the most important aspect of a CBD product, the dose.