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CBD Knowledge

A comprehensive guide to all things CBD. Dozens of studies summarised in one place

  • What does CBD do?

    What does CBD do?

    How does CBD interact with our bodies? We examine scientific studies that have looked at CBD's effect on the body and brain. And why these effects can be beneficial.

  • How to take CBD

    The best way to take CBD

    Vaping produces the fastest effect as it immediately enters the bloodstream through your lungs. Water Soluble CBD Capsules have the highest bioavailability of oral taken CBD. Find out why.

  • Correct CBD Dosage

    Correct CBD Dose

    Seems like a simple question, but you need to understand the bioavailability of each form of CBD. Read on to find out why Water Soluble CBD is the most efficient and cost effective form of taking CBD.

  • Entourage Effect

    The Entourage Effect

    Does combining different compounds of the Cannabis plant can alter the physiological effects? Is the Entourage Effect real? And if so, how does this work? Let's examine the evidence.

  • The Problem with CBD Oil

    The Problem with CBD Oil

    Our body has great difficulty breaking down and absorbing CBD oil, and wastes much of it during the process. Traditional means of taking CBD can waste much as 94%. Read on to find out why and what the solution is.

  • Water Soluble CBD

    What is Water Soluble CBD?

    Water Soluble CBD offers a significant advancement on existing CBD products. Developed to solve the biggest problem in the CBD industry - the low bioavailability of CBD Oil.

  • CBD Benefits

    CBD Benefits

    Learn how CBD is already used in licensed medicines, and the many potential benefits discovered through scientific studies including; Anxiety, Pain Relief and Sleep.