Mondo Water Soluble CBD and Vape Juice. CBD, but better…

Mondo CBD is not just another CBD company. We provide the most effective CBD products on the market, together with comprehensive information on clinical CBD studies.

Water Soluble CBD Capsules 1200mg

Mondo Water Soluble CBD capsules are the only product in the UK where the daily dose is based on the effective dose shown in clinical studies. Without a doubt the most effective, convenient and best value CBD product in the country. Studies show water soluble CBD to be up to 8x more effective than traditional CBD capsules and 2.5x more effective than CBD Oil tinctures.

CBD Vape Juice 450mg 10 ml Bottles

Mondo CBD Vape Juice is available in a range of hand picked flavours, made using only the finest food-grade ingredients. 450mg of GMP certified organic Broad Spectrum CBD in each 10ml bottle. Free shipping on all orders, the best value CBD Vape Liquid available.

Why Choose Us

Superior CBD products with the highest bioavailability, Comprehensive insight into scientific studies, 3rd party lab reports incl. micro-biological contaminate testing, Supercritical CO2 extraction.

CBD Knowledge

We've provided a summary of dozens of scientific studies, covering many areas of CBD, allowing you to make informed decisions based on greater insight. Links are provided to each referenced study for you to read more in whichever field you're interested in.

CBD chemical diagram

What does CBD do

How does CBD interact with our bodies? We examine scientific studies that have looked at CBD's effect on the body and brain. And why these effects can be beneficial.

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Woman experiencing back pain

The problem with CBD oil

Our body has great difficulty breaking down and absorbing CBD oil, and wastes much of it during the process. Traditional means of taking CBD can waste much as 94%. Read on to find out why and what the solution is.

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CBD oil dripper

Water soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD offers a significant advancement on existing CBD products. Developed to solve the biggest problem in the CBD industry - the low bioavailability of CBD Oil.

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